Visual and Fine Arts

With core classes for all grades at Maui Prep, students find joy in self-expression through painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media and ceramics.  


Design Technology and Engineering

Though technology and tools change, the need for critical-thinking, problem-solving, growth mindset, and collaboration do not. Maui Prep's Graham Center and Narayan Design Lab provide a laboratory for students to develop confidence in applying technology and design for practical purposes. 



The 7AM Band takes its name from its designated rehearsal time.  Whether you are a vocalist, a musician, or just have a knack for keeping rhythm, the 7AM Band has a spot for you.  Mrs. Vania Jerome shares her eclectic playlist as she harmonizes voices and instruments for classic and Top 40 pop and rock hits.

Arts Learning Spaces

The Graham Center

The Graham Center houses the technology program at Maui Prep, serving students in all grades. Students learn general technology tools and skills to use throughout their school career as well as more specialized software and hardware, including:

  • 3D Modeling & Printing
  • Game Design and Coding
  • Robotics Building and Programming
  • Graphic and Architectural Design Tools
  • Audio and Video Engineering


Narayan Design Lab

The Narayan Design Lab is a multi-purpose classroom space that serves as a wet-lab science classroom and an engineering fabrication studio. Educational goals include:

  • Electrical engineering: circuitry design, coding
  • Coding: C++ coding language for Arduino function
  • Fabrication: Student design/build projects with electronics, wood, and metals. Laser cutter, 3D printer, etc.
  • Design challenges: bridges, vehicles, structures, and other challenges for students to create solutions to real-world engineering challenges


Chin Studio at the Bozich Center

The Chin Studio is a multi-purpose room primarily used as a dance studio in the Bozich Center.  The room features wall-to-wall mirrors, portable ballet barres, and a luxury sprung dance floor. The room also serves as a treatment and rehab center for the Maui Prep Athletic Training Department.  


Graham Theater at the Bozich Center