Driving directions from Lahaina:

1.  Turn right at Napilihau Street

2.  第一个右转.

3.  Follow road past the Bozich Center. A "Maui Preparatory Academy" rock wall landmark greets you before the gate to the main campus.  

All visitors must check in at the Otto Administration Building first.  

Our Maui Prep Campus



Pueo Deck Learning Commons

This space is dedicated to content creation, 研究会话, outdoor classroom sessions, and an area dedicated to unwind and prepare for classes or projects. The outdoor deck lends itself to hold 研究会话 and presentations with outdoor display equipment such as a swing television for mirroring presentations with beautiful deck-covered umbrellas and collaborative deck furniture that is graced with sweeping ocean views of the islands of Lana’i and Moloka’i.



for Creativity, 创新 & 创业

格雷厄姆中心 for Creativity, 创新, and 创业 is an essential resource for Maui Prep students of all ages. Equipped with the latest technologies, including JamBoards, green screen technology, and editing and composing software, the Graham Center grants students the opportunity to create their own ideas and project proposals across a multitude of disciplines, then use the resources to answer their own great questions.  



The Narayan设计实验室 offers a wealth of resources for creative experiments and projects. This area is designated as a ‘Maker Space’- students are encouraged to develop their technical skills with hands-on design thinking.  



The 低年级四边形 is the site of recess playtime. 每一个可能, Maui Prep hosts its graduation ceremony on the edge of the quad, overlooking the sweeping ocean and brilliant sunset.



致力于2020年, the 友谊花园 is a quiet place to reflect and remember Maui Prep classmates. 花园床, tended by the middle school, are filled with fresh fruits, 蔬菜, and other native plants. 


Otto Administration Building

Named for longtime 校董会 President Dean Otto and his wife, 米歇尔, the Otto Administration Building houses Maui Prep's reception desk and various administrative offices.  


Basketball Sports Court

The Basketball Sports Court is the central hub of student life for middle and upper school students. 在上学前, during lunch breaks, or even in passing periods between classes, pickup games of basketball and foursquare always evolve.  



对正规十大赌博网站安卓版 & 表演艺术

博兹奇中心 features a basketball court, 排球场, 阶段, 舞蹈工作室, athletic training rooms, and demonstration kitchen, and is equipped with state-of-the-art scoreboards, 音响系统, 和PlaySight.  一年两次, the 阶段 is transformed into a colorful set, the backdrop for the 表演艺术 productions.



The 下巴工作室’s ample natural light and views of the west Maui mountains create an ambiance for dance, 瑜伽, and conditioning classes. Ray and MaryBeth Chin lend their name to this versatile space.



Maui Prep’s mascot is the Pueo, 夏威夷猫头鹰, recognized in native culture as a protector and messenger. 猫头鹰特鲁德 perches in front of the Bozich Center, keeping watch over the campus both by day and by night. 有时, pueo can be spotted from the campus, camouflaged in the trees or suspended in flight in the bright blue skies.  



鞋匠领域 recognizes Maui Prep benefactor Scott Ralphs Shoemaker. 鞋匠领域 is an important venue for several beloved Maui Prep traditions, like International Day, Outdoor Game Nights, 和火鸡赛跑.